We have hundreds of keys that have been retained since 1996.   We do not know who has moved, who has changed locks, who has put in new doors with new hardware and new keys.  

We can not physically return all keys timely.  Therefore, we are asking our clients to choose one of two options for any keys retained - either have us destroy your keys securely or have us mail your keys back to you.    We will not be able to return keys in person.   Please email us and let us know which of the two options you prefer.

Your keys have never been marked with your names or addresses.  They have been and are quite secure.   When they are disposed of securely, there will be no way anyone would be able to identify which home those keys would belong to.   Files for clients who do not have their keys with us have been professionally destroyed by a service.   The destruction of files was personally observed by us as the files were shredded.   Your security has been and still is of the utmost importance to us.

If we do have your key and you would like it returned by mail, please email us and provide us an address to where you would like the key mailed.

Email address:    FFFlovespets@gmail.com

Do we have your keys?